Technical Support

Windmill Experts

When it comes to understanding how our windmills work, Midwest Windmill Company is among the best in the business. Having spent countless hours studying this subject, along with a lifetime of collecting and restoration, Mark Henry is a huge fan of antique technology and loves teaching on water-pumping windmills.  Kim Henry, Mark’s wife, is no stranger to windmills either; between her personal collection and passion for windmills, they make excellent teachers.

We offer this virtual support feature knowing it is perfect for the farmer or DIY guy to save days of guesswork and frustration. To put it simply, we want to set you on the path to success. Virtual support is available for a minimum of 2 hours. We can help you with almost any antique windmill assembly or windmill troubleshooting, saving you time and money. We are here to help!

Insurance Quotes:

When a tornado, hurricane or even a derecho damages or destroys your prized family windmill it can be very devastating. We offer insurance quotes to those in need and who are serious about restoring their windmill to its complete former glory. We charge a basic 3 hour fee for all insurance claims with detailed descriptions and costs to replace everything. When an individual calls Midwest Windmill Company to get the job done we will also credit the three hours back to the windmill cost. When inquiring about your insurance quote we will need:
  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • detailed information and pictures of the windmill

Be sure to send all the required information to our email address,
OR text the information to our business phone at 660-341-8951


The D.I.Y Technical Support:

This service is designed to help walk anyone through the process of setting up their own windmill through verbal communication when choosing to do it themselves. A great option for the DIY folks and who are trying to save a little bit. Our trusted service technicians will walk you through the entire setup of your windmill from start to finish.

Setting up a scheduled date and time is recommended. Feel free without any hesitation to call us to get started!


Advancement Agent:

This service is available to those who want an advancement agent to visit their windmill personally to determine any issues, repairs and/or maintenance necessary. This is an excellent option for the busy at work individuals who just simply do not have the time to do everything within their scope along with providing a quote for all potential services.



Please purchase your desired service below and also fill out the form for us to review your particular scenario. Thanks!