Why You Need a Windmill

The American Windmill

You’ve seen the iconic American windmills in movies or maybe on farms and yards as you have driven the countryside. But, did you know they can be used for more than aesthetics? Let’s talk through a few of the incredible things one of our windmills can do for you!
Many farmers in the 1800s relied on windmills as their primary source of water for their livestock, families, and crops. Of course, once indoor plumbing became widely available, some people chose to retire their windmills. Fast forward a decade and you’ll notice more and more people are finding their way back to our roots. Many are looking for the ability to be more self-sufficient. Having a windmill can give you some of that self-sufficiency with little work on your end, allowing you the ability to go off-grid with a backup water supply.

With our American made windmills, you can pump water for your home, fill ponds, aerate ponds, water whole orchards, and water livestock. We know the importance of your water supply and that is why we supply quality windmills; built to last, built in Texas, and bulletproof. Our windmills take little input to keep them in working order, giving you peace of mind. If you’re ready to have a piece of American history on your property, give us a call today!